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  • Check out our spotless record and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years.
  • Excerpts from Customer Reviews:
    "Excellent work from the removal of the old roof, to the intricate installation of the new metal roof."

    "They came on time and completed the job on the stated time line. They completed the job as stated in the estimate. I am extremely satisfied with this company."

    "They worked like a military machine, always knowing what the other was doing so as not to slack off or waste time. They were very professional and courteous the entire time they were here. It was very impressive to watch."

    "They delivered what they promised, and when they promised. Finished product looks good. Clean up was good."


  • Customer Testimonial
    You installed our roof back in 2004. You guys did such a good job that my neighbors both commented on the crews exceptional work and attention to detail. Both of my neighbors had roofs installed about the same time and both had installation issues with the roofers. I on the other hand none. Observing the crew during installation they worked together like a well oiled machine. Everyone knew exactly what to do. Whenever something needed to be done it was accomplished without issue. They all chipped in to help each other whenever there was a slack, without question the an employee would immediately attend to the job. I was also impressed by the employee that used a large magnet to pick up any loose metal or nails. He not only was through but went over the area more than once. This was especially important to me since we had children that play in the yard. I'm a retired Law Enforcement Officer and have been on plenty field operations. Your guys were like a Army Delta and Police SWAT team making entry. Everyone knew each others job and filled in whenever necessary and super professional.

    I know it's wordy but I mean it all with sincerity - Thank you for a job well done. Sorry it took so long to extend my appreciation.